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Professional Certificate in Management Studies

CEF Course code : 21K054444

The programme aims to develop managers’ understanding and critical appreciation of the theories, tools, and techniques of management to enable them to more effectively lead and manage change in organisations and make effective use of resources in the strategic decision-making process.

APEC offers Professional Certificate in Management Studies (hereafter ‘The Programme’) to adult learners. The programme provides theoretical concepts of information systems, organizational behaviors and the knowledge of business communication and decision making.

Programme Objectives

The programme aims to provide students with a foundation in management and its integration with other important functional business units such as communication and decision making. Students may also choose to progress into the Diploma in Business Administration programme to enhance further knowledge on business units.

Audiovisual Conference

Programme Features

1.          Experiential Learning is adopted in the teaching of the Programme.

2.          Interactive activities with students centric such as cases study, video with discussion, debate, are conducted in classes.

3.          Asian-focused curriculum reflecting local trends and issues.

4.          Face-to-face teaching by experienced and qualified lecturers.

5.          Total duration of study: 48 Hours.

6.          Class Attendance: 100%

+852 2117 0013

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