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University Students and Professor

Applying for University Programmes

Document preparation:

-Transcripts and Certificates

Students are required to provide the most recent grades and certificates obtained within 2-3 years.

-English Test Report


-Reference Letters

Students who are enrolled in a bachelor's degree must prepare 1 self-recommendation letter. If they are a master's degree, they need 2 letters.

-Personal Statement

APEC consultant will guide students to write a cover letter

-Passport Copy

Students must have a valid passport, such as a SAR passport or BNO

-Work Proof

If you are applying for a master's degree in business administration, you can provide a personal resume or work certificate to the school for reference.

Oversea Study Application

When should I apply for overseas study?

Students should use 1 year to apply and prepare. Once students have the willingness to study abroad, they can consult APEC for early consultation and evaluation, and prepare as soon as possible.

How does APEC help students choose the right school?

APEC Consultant will analyze students' achievement, understand their interests, needs and requirements, and help them to enroll in the most appropriate school.

Will APEC continue to follow up after the application is successful?

After the student successfully applies for overseas study, the consultant will continue to contact the student to assist the student in handling the visa, relevant services, understanding the problems encountered in the student's life and study, and adapting to local life as soon as possible.

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