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The MBA International is to develop master’s level knowledge and cognitive skills in international business topics. It assists students with the employability and the career development by enhancing their professional development and performance to effectively manage and lead in private, voluntary and public sectors. 

The MBA International develops a cross-disciplinary graduates able to combine advanced critical and evaluative thinking with the international business management skills. It encourages education of the whole person, through the intercultural approach towards the lifelong learning and personal development.

MBA within 1 Year

This MBA consists of 8 modules:


1. Global Economics and International Finance

2. Strategy and Globalisation

3. International Human Resource Management

4. Market Research

5. International Business Communications and Marketing

6. Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the International Perspective

7. Intercultural Leadership, Employability and Personal Development

8. Independent Study: Business Plan

Audiovisual Conference

Entry Requirements

1.          UK Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

2.         Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma.

3.         A good command of English (equivalent to IELTS Level 6.0 for non-native English speakers)

+852 2117 0013

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